Kris Lawrence

Kris Lawrence

The Filipino-American singer/songwriter/producer was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He started playing the piano at age 4, and discovered he could sing at age 15. He put the 2 skills together and competed in several talent shows in LA, winning a lot of them. Kris then decided to leave the United States with $700 to chase his dream of stardom in the Motherland, the Philippines. There he joined a contest on television called, “Search for the Star In A Million” season 2, ended up winning and the rest. Over the years Kris has bagged many awards R&B Album of the Year, R&B Artist of the Year, Most Downloaded Artist of the Year, and even Best Dressed. Also known for his edgy fashion sense, Kris Lawrence was hailed, “The Philippines Prince of R&B.” He has had 5 Studio albums to date, and his artistry also evolved into hosting and acting as well. With over 100M cumulative views on youtube, and 340,000 Monthly Spotify Listeners, Kris has proven to be a certified hitmaker.

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