Jordn is an L.A. transplant from the Caribbean Island of Dominica. He bases his life on a concise phrase that he applies universally - live with purpose and follow your dreams. This philosophy fuels his songwriting, music production, and mixing choices. Jordn has a unique sound that is equally motivating and poignant. Add his humble personality and innovative perspective against the backdrop of a cinematic soundscape and you have a unique and refreshing musical experience. One of the projects that Jordn recently worked on as a writer is Chris Brown’s Platinum #1 Billboard 200 charting album, Indigo. Other artists he has worked with include T-Pain, Ty Dolla Sign, Tory Lanez, Saweetie, Lyrica Anderson, A1, and more. A unique talent with a visceral worldview, Jordn is the pop conscience of the millennial. Placements: Chris Brown - Indigo (you like that, cheetah, part of the plan) Lyrica Anderson - Bad Hair Day (all songs) Saweetie - Pretty Bitch Freestyle

Los Angeles
United States of America
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