Chantae Cann

Chantae Cann

Chantae Cann, the artist, is both jazz and soul. Rooted in gospel, reflective of world rhythm and hip hop. Her debut release, Journey to Golden, landed at #1 on the iTunes Jazz Charts and #7 on the Jazz Billboard Charts in March of 2016, and was a much-welcomed introduction to the songstress. By the time of her follow-up release, Sol Empowered, we were well into the story. Earning #8 on the Jazz Billboard Charts, this album resonates with so many because they genuinely connect to the story. And Chantae, if nothing else, knows how to make a connection. Whether it’s the parents who divulge the fact that their kids listen to and sing along to her songs, or those who express that Chantae’s artistry has gotten them through some pretty tough times. Chantae makes music that serves as a safe haven for those seeking respite and reformation. All the while undergirded with a simple, but profound truth: Love Heals.

United States of America
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